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Learn to control your nervous system through the simple act of taking control of your breath. Psyche yourself up, chill yourself out or find balance in just a few minutes.


Burning Out?

Going through life being assaulted by external circumstances and experiences can leave us feeling frazzled. Without adequate time and space to rest well regularly, the go-go-go pace of the modern world can easily lead to burnout.


Energy Slump

Millions of people around the world right now struggle with chronic levels of stress, rarely get adequate sleep and don't properly digest the food they are taking in. This also means that they don't have the energy they need to get going and smash every day... and do all the things they love!

Whole Life Health Breath Work

Our Breath work course is a 4 week programme, designed for people teetering on burnout; helping them achieve a more balanced nervous system, sound sleep, smooth digestion and move toward #AllDayEnergy . The course consists of a weekly live taught module, three guided daily practices (morning, noon and night) for each of our 28 days together plus daily bite sized lessons and in-app messaging with your coach.


What's Included...

Live Teaching

Options for 1-on-1 or group in-person live classes. Also available as online classes for 1-on-1 clients and groups.

Daily Practices

Practices and extra teaching delivered daily via our app. Hone your breathing practice morning, noon and night.

Ongoing Support

Access to Jake, your coach, via the in app messaging function to ask any questions and get feedback.


Check-in daily with your practice completion to build streaks and allow us to best support you.


Choose Your Plan

Discovery Call

A FREE 20 minute call to see if our breathwork is a good fit for you; and you for us!


1-on-1 (in person or online)

4 weeks 1-on-1 coaching. One 30 minute live session per week plus daily lessons, follow along videos, accountability and in app messaging with your coach, Jake.



Interested in a breathwork workshop in your workplace, school or group? Book a call to find out more and arrange a date.

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What clients say about us

Jake is one of a kind coach. He is witty, intuitive and very smart. He connects with your real issues and helps you sort them out so you can reach your health goals or any other personal goals you have. I highly recommend him to anyone searching for a reliable health coach. He is the best

Lillian Moscona

I had few opportunities to experience coaching by Jake Mahal and it was always very enjoyable experience with deep impact. No matter what was my health issue or challenge, Jake always managed to guide me to my own solution that was best for me at the time. He has a talent for asking the right powerful questions at the right time. I cannot recommend his coaching enough.

Mirek Kec

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an extreme practice with long breath holds or cold exposure?

No. All the techniques we teach are simple and effective and can be used almost anywhere at any time. No stunts or tricks. Just science based techniques to help you regulate your nervous system.

Is this a religious practice?

Nope. This is a science based course. If you wish to layer in your own spiritual practices alongside this breathwork they will complement each other well.

Is this meditation?

No - breathwork is much easier than mediation with many of the same benefits and can be used as part of mediation if you wish.

Can I learn all I need to know from this short course?

You could spend decades researching and learning different methods and techniques. We'll teach you the easiest to learn techniques that can most quickly help you to help yourself. No fluff, just facts... and practice.

and breathe...

Not sure this is the right fit for you? No worries, you're welcome back any time. If however, you're wanting to get a grip on your nervous system, before nervous system disregulation leads toward burnout and the drift into chronic disease... then hop on board. Any questions, give us a shout!

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